After finishing the first year of Biology I couldn’t wait to go out and explore some more! Romania was one of the country’s that ranked pretty high on my bucket list. With regards to it being part of the EU and not too far from Amsterdam, while still being one of the wildest places in Europe, it was a perfect destination for trekking, camping and of course photography in the summer vacation.

The three galleries consist of different places I’ve been to in the 5 weeks I was there. Hiking and camping mainly in 4 National Parks: Retezat, Fagaras, Piatra Craiului and Bucegi. Snapshots from trekking though the different National Parks can be found here!

In Valea Cerbului we encountered a mother bear with two cups, who strolled into the camp around dusk to feed from all the trash the Romanians purpusly threw in the bins that were outside the bear proof enclosure. We stayed two very brief nights, due to the barking dogs and crazy Romanians with bear horns keeping us from a good nights rest. What, in hindsight, maybe saved our lifes, because we were literally the only stupid tourists in a tent. And the drunk Romanians did a pretty good job with throw downs and horns to keep the bears at bay. Take look at the gallery to experience a classic Romanian vacation.

The last gallery shows some snapshots of the many shepherds we encountered in the many parks. Especially in Piatra Craiului where we got to drink some warm sheep milk after taking a few photos. But also in Bucegi National Park, where we slept a little bit higher up on the mountain in the hightest cabana in Romania, while the shepherds a few hundred meters below were fighting off a bear and later on the evening two wolves, so we were told.

Looking up ahead in the dinstance, where you can see the beautiful town of Brasov, while freezing my ass of taking selfies on this ridge in the middle of the night. Ridge in question the insanly beautiful Piatra Craiului.