A tale about Foxes

Despite the fact that they are very common in the Netherlands, foxes in their natural environment and in the countryside are very shy. Especially due to the history of hunting, foxes became very seclusive. However deep into the Dutch dunes, a stronghold of these interesting animals is very much alive. Sometimes fed by humans, they aren't as seclusive anymore as their countryside relatives. So in the summer of 2015, Aaron a friend of mine and I set out to document some of those beautiful creatures.

While not the most elusive animals, I still worked a lot with a remote to trigger, so I would place my camera strategically and wait from a distance.

Although very fortunate, but also a bit unfortunate, we where still in school at the time so going for days without end wasn't an option fur us. That's why this photo serie is taken over around 1 year, with 3 or 4 day trips. Hopefully you'll enjoy these wonderful animals as much as I do.

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